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Have you ever felt that you made a wrong purchase? Gone to see your health professional and realising that you have come out with something you didn’t bargain for? Noticed that the health professional did not understand what you were trying to say?

We at LAKESPHYSIO use a non-judgmental inquiry techniques to identify quickly what kind of health benefits you want to achieve and any other specific requirements that you might have.

By placing your needs central and providing clarity as to how you will know whether you are on track and  are moving closer to your health goals; it is like seeing your inner compass!

We use our medical knowledge and over 20 years of clinical experience to make sense of the information that we collect after the physical assessment.

Through our explanation you get more clarity and understanding of what the symptoms mean, what mechanism underlies it and what can be done about it. There are normally a number of treatment options to choose from, and with more complex cases we might be a little bit less conventional in our approach.

We are more than happy to share with you our professional opinion as to which option will get you to your end goal fastest.

Be assured that you will remain in the driver’s seat of your health journey, we merely provide you with the correct map and a safe vehicle in which you can get there!

Sioelan has a post-graduate diploma in Manual Therapy and Physiotherapy and Master’s degree in Exercise physiology and sports psychology, certificate in Coaching and Motivation, a diploma and is a practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming and she is a member of CSP, HCPC, AACP, MACP and Physiofirst.

Please click here for more information about Sioelan`s Relaxation & Acupressure Therapies

For more details on specific treatments and appointments: Website: Email: [email protected]

Mob: 07765064682

Lakesphysio is registered with BUPA, Nuffield Health and other health insurances.

You can directly access our service and do not require a prior GP referral

We are more than happy to answer any of your questions and look forward to seeing you!

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