Romantic Suites

Our Romantic Suites are perfect for couples wanting to get away from the hustle & bustle of everyday life, and spend some quality time together in beautiful surroundings. They are spacious and decadent…..guaranteed to make you and your Loved One say Wow! as soon as you step inside.

Clair de Lune Suite

This penthouse suite is the ultimate in luxury. Located at the top of the hotel on a floor of its own, this suite is perfect for a couple to enjoy each others company in complete privacy. The suite has a romantic, free-standing, traditional-style bath tub in the room (designed for two!) a private balcony with secluded woodland views, a spa tub and spacious shower, a luxurious super king bed, two sitting areas and a wine fridge for your Champagne!

Sable d`Or Suite.

With its breathtaking panoramic views across the bay from the private balcony, this suite is the height of decadence. The gold and ivory four poster bed is fit for royalty. There is a beautiful free-standing bath tub in the room is perfect for a pair of lovebirds to soak in a foam of luxurious bubbles whilst sipping chilled Champagne. There is also a separate, well-appointed bathroom with a spa tub and spacious shower. And if you would prefer to have a romantic dinner for two in your room, we have the perfect dining area in the suite.


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